Non-Violent Secession is Possible

Fri, Jun 18, 2010

Michael Cushman, Secession, Tom Utley

by Michael Cushman

The following is a post from Third Palmetto Republic: The South Carolina Independence Movement:

[I]n order to strip government of its powers and repair it to the status of a voluntary membership organization (as before 1861), it is not necessary to take it over, to engage in violent battle against it, or even to lay hands on one’s rulers. In fact, to do so would only reaffirm the principle of compulsion and aggressive violence underlying the current system and inevitably lead to the replacement of one government or tyrant with another. To the contrary, it is only necessary that one decide to withdraw from the compulsory union and reassume one’s right to self protection. Indeed, it is essential that one proceed in no other way than by peaceful secession and noncooperation.

…The decision to secede involves that one regard the central government as illegitimate, and that one accordingly treat it and its agents as an outlaw agency and “foreign” occupying forces. That is, if compelled by them, one complies, out of prudence and for no other reason than self-preservation, but one does nothing to support or facilitate their operations. One tries to keep as much of one’s property and surrender as little tax money as possible. One considers all federal law, legislation and regulation null and void and ignores it whenever possible. One does not work or volunteer for the central government, whether its executive, legislative or judicial branch, and one does not associate with anyone who does (and in particular not with those high up in the hierarchy of caretakers). One does not participate in central government politics and contributes nothing to the operation of the federal political machinery. One does not contribute to any national political party or political campaign, nor to any organization, agency, foundation, institute, or think-tank cooperating with or funded by any branch of the federal Leviathan or anyone living or working in or near Washington, DC.

…Not everyone must follow one’s example, of course. Indeed, it is not even necessary that a majority of the entire population do so. It is necessary, however, that at least a majority of the population of many separate localities do so, and to reach this critical level of mass withdrawal it is essential to complement one’s defensive measures with an offensive strategy: to invest in an ideological campaign of delegitimizing the idea and institution of democratic government among the public.

-Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe from “Democracy – The God that Failed” pages 91-92

Third Palmetto Republic is one of the ideological campaigns delegitimizing the Federal Government today that Dr Hoppe here insists is necessary for liberty to be achieved and for peaceful secession to be successful. We are new and have just started this campaign but already we have built a professional-quality interactive website, we host a weekly call-in internet radio show (every Sunday night at 8 PM) which we later edit and post as a downloadable podcast, we have scheduled our first public secession rally and are working on several other exciting projects to further the cause.

The US government can and must be delegitimized. Its continued rule over and exploitation of the people of South Carolina is just insufferable. As a proud, liberty-loving people with a history of throwing off tyrannical regimes, we can not stand by as the Feds continue to loot us, deny us our property rights, inflict crippling regulation and legislation upon us, use our tax money to enrich bankers and Federally-connected corporations or wage aggressive war around the world.

We urge you to seriously consider the contribution you can make to the pro-liberty secessionist cause. Can you cooperate less with the Feds? Can you help us delegitimize a government which is utterly out of control? Can you spread the word to others who are potentially sympathetic? Can you come out to our rally in Mt Pleasant on 3 July 2010? Can you donate to the organization so that we can mount a more professional campaign against our rulers? What can you do to help the cause of liberty and independence? Now is the time to consider this question. Let’s move things forward together and achieve the peaceful independence of the Palmetto State.

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This post was written by:

Michael Cushman - who has written 2 posts on Liberty Defense League.

Michael Cushman is a South Carolinian with family in the Palmetto State going back to the earliest days of the Colony before the Revolutionary War. He received a B.A. in History from USC-A and taught English in Spain for four years. He is now a Masters student at Augusta State University. Michael has been involved in secessionist efforts since high school and is currently working with the Third Palmetto Republic and is excited about the growing public acceptance of nullification, secession and devolutionist solutions to Federal tyranny. In addition to promoting independence, Michael is an advocate for traditional Southern culture and agrarian values.

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5 Responses to “Non-Violent Secession is Possible”

  1. Dr. Brooks (ret.) Says:

    I’m 72 and have seen many individuals through the years discussing the issue of We the People’s servitude or serfdom under our corrupted CORPORATE USA and CORPWashDC.
    I’ve felt that secession would answer the question of how to go about obtaining our freedom. However, I am aware of what tragedy occurred 1861-65 when “Abe” Silverstein “Lincoln” led the grand genocide and material destruction of the beloved southland. All because the southerners wanted to remain independent and maintain their way of life–agrarianism vs. industrialization. Working with the land seems intelligent vs. the harm done by careless manufacturing methods and careless extracting of timber and minerals from the earth.
    It’s obvious to me that, having spent all these decades in advancing corporatism and Marxism, the Cabals behind the Oz Curtain will not easily give up this power.
    Thus, it is a question whether peaceable secession is a possible alternative. Our enemies delight in disrupting our lives and liquidating or gulaging any who get in their way.
    My conclusion has become, if millions of Americans aren’t willing to give their all to overthrowing the alien regime over the US, we will be violently overthrown in short order. Sad, but I don’t believe there is another way.
    Is this too far out for consideration?
    Dr. Brooks (ret.) in Georgia

  2. Isaac Hutchison Says:

    I am 34, a father of 8, and have been upon this path of seeking righteous government for most of my life, though I was unaware of what exactly the problem was or what I was looking for, for most of those years. Secession is an option for the body politic of the 34 states that existed in 1861. We are dealing with what is – not what is lawful – in regard to the governments in America, national/federal, state, local, and bureaucratic. Over 90% of the men and women holding these offices do not have the required oaths, under their various de facto constitutions and statues, to even take the office. These men and women are acting without an office, and not simply because of the lack of an oath, but because of the unconstitutional acts that created their offices.
    North-Carolina, December 18 1776, was the 12th state to join the Union created by the Constitution for the United States of America 1791. The current State of North Carolina was created within the boundaries of the 12th state on July 1st, 1868, by military order General Order 120, authorized by the unconstitutional Reconstruction Acts.
    I agree with Dr. Brooks, that we must act now to avert as much violence as possible. Re-Establishing and re-populating the states put into abeyance is a peaceful option. Overturning an unconstitutional act and bringing about recession;
    RECESSION. The act of ceding back; the restoration of the title and dominion of a territory, by the government which now holds it, to the government from which it was obtained by cession or otherwise. BLACK’s Law 4th ed.

    For the newer states (the last 16 admitted) they will have an option, independence or reorganize (new constitution) in the correct status and standing, not under federal mandate based upon an act of usurpation. This would solve the issues the Hawaiian monarch has with Hawaii’s statehood. Haven’t put much thought into Alaska, as it was purchased.

    Isaac Hutchison Birch

  3. Timothy_Baldwin Says:

    We do not live in the 1860s. The circumstances are completely different. So, was the secession of the 1770s noble and right just because the American colonies won the war for independence? and is the secession of the 1860s a ridiculous notion and should be rejected out of hand because the unionists won the war? The results are up to God. Ours is to exercise our duty.

    How it can be concluded that freedom can be restored through what we know to be a corrupted system is beyond me. If these same people are willing to wage war against fellow Americans for seceding from the union, do you not think that they will prevent any other peaceful revolution through the ballot in Washington DC? If they are willing to kill millions, would they not be willing to kill those few who make it to their den and attempt to rearrange the furniture? or at least to so manipulate and control them that their chances of changing anything are virtually zero!

    To think that this is going to be easy one way or the way is living in delusion. This mess started one day after the ninth state ratified the US Constitution. Now 220 years later, we do not live in the same country. Trying to change was was broken a long time ago, to me, is a slap in the face of what our founding generation did and to the laws of nature.

    Isaac mentions “recession” by taking back a title and territory, which in fact needs to be done, but do we think that the federal government is going to take recession any less serious than secession? In the end, once all attempts have been made to “take back” freedom within this degradated union, we will realize that our first line of defense should have been to remove ourselves from it and not to waste our valuable and precious time and money and lives on means that have no real effect of ridding ourselves of this beast.

  4. JMB Says:

    Fighting this corrupt federal system from within is a last, if not plainly futile resort.
    Why resist from within this encampment, when we can persistently reject its progression, from were we our people live.

  5. Greg Creech Says:

    How can I take seriously a group that stills clings to the propagandist idea that Lincoln fought his war to end slavery. How idiotic and illogical a concept is that?! Do a little research and it all becomes apparent….this war, like all others, was fought for money and control. Oh well…more brainwashing from government schools.

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