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You Are Here: Articles Tuesday, May 26, 2015

by Tim Baldwin
published in Flathead Beacon

President Barack Obama has to make a decision on whether to use Iran to fight ISIS. Some commentators have expressed that the U.S. military should not do this, arguing that Iran’s leader is a stately version of Osama Bin Laden. What should Obama do?

When a nation engages in a war, it should use other nations (if it can) to win the war, even if that ally is a “lesser enemy” to destroy a “greater enemy.” However, there is another principle involved: when both decisions are equally bad, there is no moral obligation to take affirmative action one way or the other. Additionally, when one cannot determine the probable consequences that would result from taking affirmative action in favor of one evil over another, prudence dictates that one not choose the unknown evil but contain the known evil.

Our Constitution requires Congress to declare war so we can properly apply the principles of war: identify the enemy, quantify and qualify our interests, and whether to finance the war and for how long. We cannot shoot first and aim later. As it relates to the Middle East, the decisions are complex, complicated and messy.

Looking at how conditions have worsened for decades there, it is no wonder why Americans are getting sick of it. We should be very cautious about worsening conditions there and our reputation in the world.

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