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by Tim Baldwin
published in Flathead Beacon, April 3, 2015

Money has always corrupted politics. America is no different, and it will continue to until we pass better laws (whether through statute or constitutional amendment) to protect our political system. Not all corruption can be eliminated, but there are rules that can be implemented to mitigate and punish the tendencies of corruption.

The Citizens United decision may have ruled that corporate spending for political advocacy is free speech (and thus protected by the First Amendment), but it did not rule that states cannot require politicians to disclose who contributed money to their campaigns and how much, nor did it decide that states cannot regulate how much money persons can contribute to political campaigns, putting every person on equal footing regarding monetary influence.

Seeing how money corrupts politics (and thus liberty), many Americans are pushing for better regulations regarding monetary contributions to political campaigns. Many states, including Montana, already limit political contributions and mandate disclosure. However, the need for these kinds of regulations exists to a much greater degree on the federal level given the natural inclinations for them to be corrupted by corporate money and foreign-national influence. Congress normally resists limiting its own power, however.

They say, “follow the money” to learn of corruption. Well, the states and federal government can make “following the money” easier so people can be better informed and so politicians will think twice about accepting “dark money.”

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