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You Are Here: Articles Wednesday, May 20, 2015

by Tim Baldwin

Glenn Beck openly endorsed using Article V of the Constitution to reign in federal power. He acknowledged that amending the Constitution is the “only way back [to the meaning of the Constitution].” Beck is one of many notable conservatives who are publicly supporting what Mark Levin busted wide open in his The Liberty Amendments, calling to amend the Constitution to control the federal government. The Amendment Convention movement is notably growing, and TEA Party purists cannot stop it.

Many are now realizing that chanting, “all you have to do is follow the Constitution,” is not an answer; it is not a remedy; and it does not turn back decades of federal court decisions and congressional and presidential actions that have cemented federal power such as it is today. Beck states it this way: “There is a massive reset coming, and the constitutional convention is the only way.” Beck describes the matter plainly and correctly: Article V was designed to correct federal abuses and to “reset” or redefine any constitutional rules that need to fix what the federal government has established through its three branches of government.

Beck’s position is encouraging to the Amendment Convention movement because it was only a few years ago that Beck undermined the idea of changing the Constitution at all. Beck, like many conservatives, now realizes that there is no such thing as un-ringing the bell. The Federal judiciary—the branch of the federal government charged with ruling on the constitutionality of cases in controversy between the States and the Federal government—has all but annihilated what most conservatives desire our Constitution to be: a limited federal government with the residue of power being left to the States.

Since the Federal judiciary has established federal authority according to its duty of interpreting the Constitution, conservatives know that amending the constitution to correct that long line of decisions is the only effective way to “get back” to the Constitution. There are always going to be dissenters to amending the Constitution, mostly TEA Party purists, but the Amendment Convention movement is growing and will overshadow any opposition TEA Party obstructionists may attempt.

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