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You Are Here: Articles Monday, March 16, 2015

 by Tim Baldwin

In a recent federal decision that ruled NSA’s metadata gathering unconstitutional, Senator Diane Feinstein (CA-D) shows that she doesn’t fear how the United States Supreme Court will apply the Fourth Amendment. She claims that the United States Supreme Court will “once and for all” establish that the federal government has the power to gather metadata of American citizens without need for judicial warrant. That Feinstein believes the Supreme Court decision will settle the issue “once and for all” demonstrates that she, in no way, believes the States will overturn the Supreme Court’s decision—of course, as long as Article V opponents have their way.

Feinstein doesn’t fear what the future holds for her kind of government-growing agenda because, up till now, the States have not used the best method of peacefully and fundamentally overturning Supreme Court decisions by amending the Constitution. Ironically, Article V opponents deny themselves this remedy that would effectively cause Feinstein (and all federal politicians) to change her characterization of Supreme Court decisions; she would have to take into account that the people, not the Court, will decide “once and for all” what the Constitution’s rules are.

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