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by Tim Baldwin

The following is Tim's article published by the Flathead Beacon on 12/20/2013:

The direction of our state and nation is at times determined by people who refuse to vote for the “lesser evil” candidate – effectively causing the majority to be ruled by the minority.

Do these protest voters realize what they are doing?

The Founders used the lesser-evil principle in politics. James Madison said, “cool and candid people will … reflect, that … choice must always be made, if not of the lesser evil, at least of the GREATER, not the PERFECT, good.” Our political experience reveals the principle as true; ethics philosophers describe it as a duty of man; and our laws allow the “lesser evil” as a criminal defense.

Yet protest voters demonize it.

Ignoring what is required for a successful political movement – protest voters do not define the “unacceptable evils,” quantify how much “evil” is too great, and offer viable alternatives.

Many of them politically isolate themselves and do nothing to improve the political parties. In effect, their protest does nothing to improve their agenda.

Voting is a personal decision, but its effects are social. So, ethical voting requires more than individual preference of the “ideal” candidate.

It requires that we prevent the greater evil from impacting society. All conservatives must get this if they expect to gain political momentum.

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