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You Are Here: Articles Friday, May 15, 2015

by Tim Baldwin

Governor Chris Christie (NJ-R) signed into law a bill that is compared to the “Dream Act.” The New Jersey law “would allow unauthorized immigrants who graduated high school in New Jersey after attending for at least three years to be eligible for the lower in-state rates at public higher educational institutions, including in-county rates at community colleges” (source). However, the law will not allow them to receive state financial aid, as reported by NBC's Vaughn Hillyard.

Some Republicans may oppose this law on the principle that no person in the United States who is here illegally should receive any benefit of any kind, especially ones that cost tax payers. Legitimate questions of long-term and grand-scale benefits arise with this law. In short, does this law make good sense for individual States to adopt?

A commonly known and reported fact is that there are millions of undocumented residents in the United States and a large portion of these people comprise America’s workforce. For many of them, improving their lives in America is their determined goal and hopeful way of life. Another commonly known fact is that the federal government is making no serious attempt to enforce immigration laws and deport undocumented residents. So, the States know these people are here to stay—at least for the foreseeable future—and so are their children.

This scenario poses the questions:

(1) Would the States rather these people be educated in higher learning so they are more likely to improve themselves and thus the State, while ignoring immigration laws?


(2) Would the States prefer these people remain uneducated, and thus contribute to the degrading effects of poor living and opportunity, while being “true” to immigration laws?

In other words, which choice is the lesser evil?

Some conservatives may not like Governor Christie’s willingness to give undocumented residents the same tuition fees as in-state students, but one cannot candidly say he is without sound reason in wanting illegal aliens in his State to improve their lives while they are here and thus the overall political and social condition of the State and Nation.

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