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by Tim Baldwin

Some TEA Partiers now seem to understand they must accept the realities of using sound party tactics to implement their principles into public policy and law. recently reported their shift towards pragmatics,  

America’s Tea Party movement is refining its electoral strategy to take a more pragmatic approach – a shift that could help it to better translate populist anger into conservative Senate seats. [Since 2010, the Tea Party] has tended to play a spoiler role for the Republican party in Congressional elections. Its staunchly conservative candidates have often displaced moderate Republicans in primary contests only to lose to Democrats in general elections. But in a change, the Tea Party appears to be targeting races in 2014 in solidly “red” states, where Democrats have little prospect of victory under any circumstance (emphasis added).

To Keep or Not to Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up their Arms by Chuck and Tim Baldwin

As the article keenly observes, up until now TEA Partiers have served mostly as protest voters against Republicans they deem not conservative enough. Their protest voting has effectively facilitated “greater evil” candidates to get or stay in office. Surely this cannot be the TEA Partiers’ goal since they are dissatisfied with even “lesser evil” candidates.

And despite claims that protest voting against a “lesser evil” is not the cause of the greater evil’s success, reality sets in to the contrary. Therefore, the only way TEA Partiers can produce good fruit is to wisely use the political party system.

This move towards party politics and pragmatism is not surprising since no political movement can succeed without a political party to advance its ideals and interests, as James Madison rightly noted. Additionally, with Tea Party favorites like Rand Paul and Mike Lee preaching the message of conservative inclusion, the TEA Partiers’ move towards pragmatics will grow with each election. With improved strategy, the TEA Party may actually help get more conservative Republicans elected, or alternatively, start a new political party where they feel the Republican Party is no longer a viable tool to advance conservative principles.

In either case, TEA Party purists who refuse to learn the principles of political tactics will be without a political family and will do nothing to put principles into practice.

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