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You Are Here: Articles Monday, May 18, 2015

by Tim Baldwin

One of America’s largest Tea Party organizations,, recently promoted and celebrated Georgia’s passing an application for an amendment convention of the States under Article V of the Constitution. Citing the Newsmax article, sees Georgia’s application as a major act in limiting federal power.

The Newsmax article observes that Georgia’s application “restricts the convention to topics of limiting the power of the federal government and establishing term limits for federal officials.” Clearly, Georgia does not want a runaway convention and would take necessary steps to prevent it. If Georgia wanted a plenipotentiary convention, it would have said so in its application.

Georgia’s plan and intent is clear. “An Article V Convention of States would provide an opportunity for the citizens of this great nation to restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government," Buzz Brockway (R) of Lawrenceville said.

The Tenth Amendment Center also stepped in supporting Georgia’s application. Michael Maharrey, national communications director for the Tenth Amendment Center, told Newsmax, “A Convention of States to propose amendments is certainly a legitimate way to limit federal power.”

The article goes on to say that other States have proposed legislation for the same purpose: to limit the federal government and to limit the convention to particular subjects. Too, States are preparing proposed rules of how the amendment convention will operate and what amendments will be addressed. Not only are they serious about the content of the convention, but also the procedures.

For example, State Rep. Shelley Hughes of Alaska is co-sponsoring HJR 22 and HB 284, which she describes as “a bipartisan way for Alaskans to get the federal government to stop its burdensome overreach.” Rep. Hughes said HB 284 “calls for a convention and lays out the rules for how the convention would work and details the amendment itself.” Hughes adds that “it limits delegates to discussing a constitutional amendment for a balanced federal budget, so it serves to sooth concerns of any ‘runaway train’ convention.”

Despite the overwhelmingly evidence of why States are applying for an amendment convention, there are still speculators who claim once an amendment convention is called by Congress, liberty’s enemies will create an entirely new constitution (i.e. through a “runaway” convention)--one that will broaden and strengthen federal (and global government) power, and rid the States of freedom and liberty. They would have people fear this conspiracy and ignore what the State legislatures are actually saying and doing in broad daylight.

It’s time for an amendment convention to limit federal power. The States know it, and the Founders provided the way for it. Do not become dupes of supposed patriots who are thwarting the obvious and necessary tool for the States to limit federal power.

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