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Political Remedies

JBS Employee Robert Brown’s Response to Tim Baldwin’s Open Letter Ignores State Rights Quandary

by Tim Baldwin After my open letter to the John Birch Society (JBS) was released, Robert Brown (employee of JBS who is stationed in Montana) responded to my letter through his Facebook page. He stated, "Tim Baldwin has been attacking the JBS lately for not supporting HIS view of an Article V convention. What is his goal?" Robert's response is nonsense and ignores the State Rights quandary JBS faces by its opposition to Article V. In case Robert may still be confused, I’ll try to explain my point better, which is this: JBS' opposition to Article V internally contradicts its posi...
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Open Letter to John Birch Society re: Article V

John Birch Society, You are confused and determined to spread your propaganda more than teaching truth. Foolishly, you would rather the States take the same course of action that led our union to Civil War; namely, nullification and unilateral secession. Any student of American history can see that your preferred and proposed course of action will lead us to that kind of war. This begs the question: do you WANT to see the destruction of the States as we saw in the 1860s? You claim that you advance the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Yet, when it comes to the safest and most practical method (...
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John Birch Society Denies Declaration of Independence Principles

by Tim Baldwin On August 12, 2014, Voices of Montana, which is Montana’s only statewide radio show, had John Birch Society employee, Robert Brown, on the show as a guest to denounce the use of Article V, United States Constitution. Article V is the provision wherein the States may convene for the purpose of proposing amendments, which if any are proposed by the delegates, the States would deliberate on the proposals in special sessions and then vote on whether to ratify the amendments or not. The host of the radio show and Brown had one goal in mind: STOP Article V! In addition to much misinformation Bro...
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Revolutionists, Not Constitutionalists

by Tim Baldwin I am convinced that most advocates of state nullification who oppose Article V (hereinafter referred to as “nullification purists”) are effectively revolutionists, not constitutionalists. An article that demonstrates my point is entitled Tool for Liberty: Nullifying for the Sake of Nullification, which was written by Tate Fegley and posted by the Tenth Amendment Center. In this article I will show how: (1) nullification purists do not promote real nullification but give only lip service to the idea; (2) nullification purists invoke Natural Law, not Constitutional law, as the...
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Michigan Proves Article V is a Red, White and Blue Movement

by Tim Baldwin Michigan just passed an application to call an amendment convention under Article V of the Constitution for the explicit purpose of requiring a balanced federal budget.  The Washington Times reports, “Michigan lawmakers last week voted to demand a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.” This report highlights that this application may be the 34th application on the subject, thus triggering Congress’ duty to call a convention for that purpose.   However, some States have rescinded their balanced budget applications. Citing Prof. Rob Natelson as authorit...
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Get Real About Amendments

by Tim Baldwin I have shown before (here, here, here, and here)  how a so-called “runaway” Article V convention is, in fact, a secession act of the States that propose and/or ratify a new constitution. Despite the hollow echoes of those who oppose Article V for fear of such a runaway/secession movement, they ignore the reality that, first, no State is going to try to secede from the union and second, no sufficient number of States would propose and ratify a new constitution to secede from the Constitution of the United States. The evidence shows, the only amendments that are popular enough to ...
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Common Sense Challenge to JBS' Rob Brown on Article V

by Tim Baldwin Polymontana reposted Prof. Rob Natelson's article on why Amendments will work (note: I reposted this article too). Someone self-named as "fredh" posted in the comment section an article by John Birch Society coordinator, Rob Brown, on why we can't use or trust Article V; namely, because Congress will control the convention and the States will be left with worse than what they wanted or nothing at all. Rob Brown's article follows, and after this, I reposted my comment to Brown's article below. Congressional report validates JBS convention concerns https://www.fas...
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My Response to Tom DeWeese on Article V (Part 1)

by Tim Baldwin “Caution and investigation are a necessary armor against error and imposition. But this untractableness may be carried too far, and may degenerate into obstinacy, perverseness, or disingenuity.” Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper 31. Tom DeWeese expressed his opposition to using Article V in an article entitled, Some Thoughts on the Article V Issue. I respect Tom and what he has done regarding liberty issues, but I believe his logic and approach to Article V is flawed. I believe Hamilton’s description (above) of the Constitution’s opponents in 1787 applies to Articl...
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Madison, Jefferson and Henry Supported Article V

by Tim Baldwin One of the usual weapons Article V opponents will use to oppose an amendment convention is a quote from James Madison when he opposed the Anti-Federalists’ plan for an amendment convention in 1789. Madison said, “I should tremble for the result of a Second [convention].” However, Article V opponents mistakenly rely on Madison’s statement and misapply the politics of 1789. Madison’s true position on Article V actually proves that an amendment convention is necessary today—and not only Madison’s position, but also Thomas Jefferson’s and Patrick Henry...
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TeaParty.Org Promotes Article V Convention

by Tim Baldwin One of America’s largest Tea Party organizations,, recently promoted and celebrated Georgia’s passing an application for an amendment convention of the States under Article V of the Constitution. Citing the Newsmax article, sees Georgia’s application as a major act in limiting federal power. The Newsmax article observes that Georgia’s application “restricts the convention to topics of limiting the power of the federal government and establishing term limits for federal officials.” Clearly, Georgia does not want a runaway convention...
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Rob Natelson Refutes the ‘Amendments Won’t Work’ Claim

Rob Natelson, constitutional scholar, refutes Article V opponents’ claim that Amendments to the Constitution will not work. He says, “Opponents of a Convention of States long argued that there was an unacceptable risk a convention might do too much.  It now appears they were mistaken. So they increasingly argue that amendments cannot do enough.  “The ‘too much’ contention was first promulgated in modern times by apologists for the liberal, ultra-activist Earl Warren/Warren Burger Supreme Court.  Specifically, these apologists feared a convention might propose ame...
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Georgia Passes Article V Convention Legislation

by Tim Baldwin The Convention of States Project (COS) just announced that Georgia overwhelmingly passed legislation calling for an Article V convention for the purpose of the States proposing amendments to the Constitution. COS reports, This just in!  The Georgia Senate has passed the COS application by a vote of 37-17, becoming the first state legislative body to do so. The resolution has six sponsors: Majority Whip Cecil Staton (R-Macon) of the 18th District, Senate President Pro Tempore David Shafer (R-Duluth) of the 48th District, Ronnie Chance (R-Tyrone) of the 16th District, Butch Miller (R-...
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Rand Paul and Mike Lee Support Article V

by Tim Baldwin Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), a potential 2016 presidential candidate, supports the States using Article V to limit federal power and fix inherent problems, such as term limits and balanced budget. Tea Party favorite, Mike Lee (R-UT), does as well (source). Article V opponents who claim that Article V supporters are "in bed" with George Soros are outlandish in their accusations! Rand Paul and Mike Lee are perhaps the nation's greatest Tea Party icons and both are supporting Article V--for obvious reasons. Thus, people who continue denouncing Article V using illusions and conspira...
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My Response to Unreasonable Article V Opponents

by Tim Baldwin Article V opponents, George Hudson and Paul Stramer, are actively opposing Article V. Below is an email George forwarded to me, which included Paul’s attack against Article V: NO CON-CON!!!! NOT NOW, NOT EVER. What makes anyone think that the lawless government goons will obey anything that comes out of this, when in fact they fly in the face of what we already have as a Constitution?  They are all criminals having broken their oath to the same, and they all belong in jail. Writing more words on a piece of paper isn't going to do it folks. They have Satan as thei...
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Article V Opponents Choose Fear Over Hope

by Tim Baldwin I am happy to see the Article V movement increasing. It is the epitome of self-government and political will of the people of these States. Obviously, Article V opponents do not see it this way. They describe Article V almost in religious terms as being the demise of all that is holy. Article V opponents have a different vision of America’s future compared to those who see the necessity of using Article V. I am going to test Article V opponent’s philosophy, however, with this article and show that their opposition to Article V actually opposes their self-declared principles of Sta...
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Political Remedies: Get to the Point

by Tim Baldwin My latest article, The Lesser Evil Principle: A Choice Inside and Outside the Political System, discussed the two main areas of citizens’ actions to correct political direction. They are, inside and outside the system. I use four main points to support my conclusion that Americans should use the system, meaning ethical voting and amending the Constitution, to make right changes: A Republic inherently intends slow changes and prevents sudden changes (except amendments allow immediate change). America’s condition has not reached the extreme point of working outside the...
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The Lesser Evil Principle: A Choice Inside and Outside the Political System

The Lesser Evil Principle: A Choice Inside and Outside the Political System I have shown that Natural Law creates the lesser evil principle (hereinafter “LEP”) and that the Founders, philosophers and statesmen of yesteryear applied it in politics. The LEP simply states, where a person must choose between an evil and a greater evil, he must choose the lesser. The way one applies this principle depends on the circumstances, which is a philosophical study of its own. In a political context, there are, generally speaking, two main circumstances where the LEP applies. The first is inside the system, and...
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Political Change and Destination Are Not the Same

by Tim Baldwin Some political commentators, like David Brooks, are proposing that our Federal Republic take the form of a Monarchy. Brooks identifies logical reasons for instituting a Monarchy—reasons that were articulated hundreds of years ago by philosophers like Charles Montesquieu and John Locke. Still, this transition from a Republic to a Monarchy is a political destination Americans have tried to avoid. Moreover, the Founders provided a constitutional way to redirect what is perhaps an inevitable destiny for all Republics. But are the people willing to use that remedy? Republicans today should n...
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Senator Feinstein Fears the States, Not the U.S. Supreme Court

 by Tim Baldwin In a recent federal decision that ruled NSA’s metadata gathering unconstitutional, Senator Diane Feinstein (CA-D) shows that she doesn’t fear how the United States Supreme Court will apply the Fourth Amendment. She claims that the United States Supreme Court will “once and for all” establish that the federal government has the power to gather metadata of American citizens without need for judicial warrant. That Feinstein believes the Supreme Court decision will settle the issue “once and for all” demonstrates that she, in no way, believes the States will...
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Glenn Beck Supports Amending the Constitution

by Tim Baldwin Glenn Beck openly endorsed using Article V of the Constitution to reign in federal power. He acknowledged that amending the Constitution is the “only way back [to the meaning of the Constitution].” Beck is one of many notable conservatives who are publicly supporting what Mark Levin busted wide open in his The Liberty Amendments, calling to amend the Constitution to control the federal government. The Amendment Convention movement is notably growing, and TEA Party purists cannot stop it. Many are now realizing that chanting, “all you have to do is follow the Constitution,&rd...
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