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New 'Separate But Equal'?

by Tim Baldwin The Flathead Beacon published the following article of mine it its latest weekly column: Years ago in America, the majority discriminated against people based on sex, religion and race. Until 1920 (19th amendment, USC) women could not vote. Until the 13th and 14th amendments, black people were property. Until 1967, states criminalized white and black people marrying each other. Those who supported these discriminations used either religion or natural law for justification. Liberal thinking people fought these discriminations successfully, and most conservatives today praise this fact. With...
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Follow the Dark Money

by Tim Baldwin published in Flathead Beacon, April 3, 2015   Money has always corrupted politics. America is no different, and it will continue to until we pass better laws (whether through statute or constitutional amendment) to protect our political system. Not all corruption can be eliminated, but there are rules that can be implemented to mitigate and punish the tendencies of corruption. The Citizens United decision may have ruled that corporate spending for political advocacy is free speech (and thus protected by the First Amendment), but it did not rule that states cannot require politicians to...
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ISIS and Interpreting Holy Books

by Tim Baldwin published in Flathead Beacon, 02/25/15 Many people will reject truth that comes from their enemy. This was seen when many conservatives harshly criticized Obama for noting, at the National Prayer Breakfast, the oppressive acts committed centuries ago under Christianity. Perhaps their criticism came because they refuse to acknowledge what distorts religion, including Christianity. Many conservatives have turned the conflicts in the Middle East into a religious issue. They promote America’s fight against “ISIS” as a way to kill infidels. But Obama sees the terrorism as a dist...
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Judge Roy Moore v. Gay Marriage

by Tim Baldwin The Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, has a reputation for standing firm on his beliefs—though some despise him for it. Years ago, he was removed by Alabama's executive branch from chief justice because he refused to remove the rather large Ten Commandments monument after a federal court ruled that it violated the “separation of church state." It was extremely controversial at the time. Ironically, in 2003, he ran for chief justice again and won. Now, Justice Moore is again defying a federal court ruling that struck down Alabama’s law that prevents the st...
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Open Letter to John Birch Society re: Article V

John Birch Society, You are confused and determined to spread your propaganda more than teaching truth. Foolishly, you would rather the States take the same course of action that led our union to Civil War; namely, nullification and unilateral secession. Any student of American history can see that your preferred and proposed course of action will lead us to that kind of war. This begs the question: do you WANT to see the destruction of the States as we saw in the 1860s? You claim that you advance the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Yet, when it comes to the safest and most practical method (...
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Matt Rosendale and The Truth About Shooting Drones

by Tim Baldwin Matt Rosendale (R), candidate for United States House of Representatives, quickly created a public image as a Tea Party conservative when he broadcasted a commercial where he shoots down a “government drone.” Looking at Rosendale’s state legislative record, however, evidence reveals that Rosendale really does not believe in “shooting drones” through legislation and did nothing to limit the use of drones in criminal prosecutions in Montana. In 2013, Rosendale sponsored Senate Bill 196 (which was passed and signed into law), and it supposedly qualifies the governme...
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Revolutionists, Not Constitutionalists

by Tim Baldwin I am convinced that most advocates of state nullification who oppose Article V (hereinafter referred to as “nullification purists”) are effectively revolutionists, not constitutionalists. An article that demonstrates my point is entitled Tool for Liberty: Nullifying for the Sake of Nullification, which was written by Tate Fegley and posted by the Tenth Amendment Center. In this article I will show how: (1) nullification purists do not promote real nullification but give only lip service to the idea; (2) nullification purists invoke Natural Law, not Constitutional law, as the...
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Common Sense Challenge to JBS' Rob Brown on Article V

by Tim Baldwin Polymontana reposted Prof. Rob Natelson's article on why Amendments will work (note: I reposted this article too). Someone self-named as "fredh" posted in the comment section an article by John Birch Society coordinator, Rob Brown, on why we can't use or trust Article V; namely, because Congress will control the convention and the States will be left with worse than what they wanted or nothing at all. Rob Brown's article follows, and after this, I reposted my comment to Brown's article below. Congressional report validates JBS convention concerns https://www.fas...
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My Response to Tom DeWeese on Article V (Part 1)

by Tim Baldwin “Caution and investigation are a necessary armor against error and imposition. But this untractableness may be carried too far, and may degenerate into obstinacy, perverseness, or disingenuity.” Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper 31. Tom DeWeese expressed his opposition to using Article V in an article entitled, Some Thoughts on the Article V Issue. I respect Tom and what he has done regarding liberty issues, but I believe his logic and approach to Article V is flawed. I believe Hamilton’s description (above) of the Constitution’s opponents in 1787 applies to Articl...
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Madison, Jefferson and Henry Supported Article V

by Tim Baldwin One of the usual weapons Article V opponents will use to oppose an amendment convention is a quote from James Madison when he opposed the Anti-Federalists’ plan for an amendment convention in 1789. Madison said, “I should tremble for the result of a Second [convention].” However, Article V opponents mistakenly rely on Madison’s statement and misapply the politics of 1789. Madison’s true position on Article V actually proves that an amendment convention is necessary today—and not only Madison’s position, but also Thomas Jefferson’s and Patrick Henry...
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My Response to Unreasonable Article V Opponents

by Tim Baldwin Article V opponents, George Hudson and Paul Stramer, are actively opposing Article V. Below is an email George forwarded to me, which included Paul’s attack against Article V: NO CON-CON!!!! NOT NOW, NOT EVER. What makes anyone think that the lawless government goons will obey anything that comes out of this, when in fact they fly in the face of what we already have as a Constitution?  They are all criminals having broken their oath to the same, and they all belong in jail. Writing more words on a piece of paper isn't going to do it folks. They have Satan as thei...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 4

by Tim Baldwin Part 4 addresses A Conservative Vision of Government section, Law and Character. I will refer to A Conservative Vision of Government  as “the article,” not to be confused with the article I am writing, which I do not refer to herein as “the article.” The article contrasts the difference in philosophy between libertarians and Republicans and shows why all conservatives should work together to defeat the greater enemy destroying the basic principles of limited government. The article states the fact, but according to, this should make conservative blood...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 3

by Tim Baldwin Part 3 addresses A Conservative Vision of Government sections, The Founders and The State and Legitimate Object. The Founders and The State A Conservative Vision of Government states well the Founders’ differing political and constitutional views and shows how “self-described leaders of the Tea Party” create a version of the founding fathers that is myopic and incomplete. That is, it does not account for the diversity of ideas under the Republican umbrella. If the TEA Party would recognize that their version of politics, the constitution and government is not the only leg...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 2

by Tim Baldwin Part 2 addresses A Conservative Vision of Government sections, Introduction and The Anti-Government Party. Introduction The section introduces the common notion that government’s size and role have been “at center stage of our national politics”—an obvious observation—and then states its thesis: conservatives must do more than assert what government should not do; it should articulate what government should do. The article highlights what the TEA Party highlights: the harmful policies of the Obama administration—like, “$6 trillion in debt,&rdquo...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 1

by Tim Baldwin In politics, passion is a vice—especially according to the Founders and Enlightenment philosophers. Passion distorts reason and causes harmful factions to disregard the common good for the sake of particular interests and goals. For example, among the scores of times the Federalists warned about passion’s political dangers, the Federalist Papers said, [A] faction [is] a number of citizens…who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion…adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and  aggregate interests of the community. A zeal ...
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Tea Party Battle: Pragmatists v. Purists

by Tim Baldwin Well-funded and nationally-recognized TEA Party political action committee, Tea Party Express, endorsed Congressman Steve Daines (MT-R) for U.S Senate of Montana. Tea Party Express stated in part, Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly announcing its endorsement of Congressman Steve Daines for the U.S. Senate. This is the organization’s second endorsement of the 2014 cycle. This endorsement displays a significant fact about the TEA Party movement. Namely, the TEA Party is composed of opposing forces, which are incompatible for a...
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Karl Rove Predicts Republican Unity in 2014: Will TEA Partiers Help?

by Tim Baldwin Karl Rove released his 2014 forecast on his website. was not happy with Rove’s statement, but why? Rove said about 2014 elections, “Every Republican senator and virtually every representative challenged in a primary as insufficiently conservative will win. In reaction to ObamaCare, GOP political divisions are giving way to unity.” In response, said, Karl Rove, the voice of the Republican donor class, is predicting that tea party-backed primary candidates will lose nearly all their primary fights against business-backed GOP politicians during 2014&he...
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New Jersey’s ‘Dream Act’: Reality or Nightmare?

by Tim Baldwin Governor Chris Christie (NJ-R) signed into law a bill that is compared to the “Dream Act.” The New Jersey law “would allow unauthorized immigrants who graduated high school in New Jersey after attending for at least three years to be eligible for the lower in-state rates at public higher educational institutions, including in-county rates at community colleges” (source). However, the law will not allow them to receive state financial aid, as reported by NBC's Vaughn Hillyard. Some Republicans may oppose this law on the principle that no person in the United States ...
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TEA Party Purists Are Like Religious Cults

by Tim Baldwin Governor Mike Huckabee recently said, “in politics, when you have an all or nothing, now or never mindset, you’re going to get nothing and you’re going to get it forever.” Huckabee’s statement came in response to what some Tea Party purists are demanding that Republicans do in Congress in the face of impossible victories, knowing conservatives have little or no power to change political direction because of their lack of force in all branches of government. Huckabee explains a fundamental problem with TEA Party purists as it relates to accomplishing good for liberty...
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Using Iran to Fight ISIS

by Tim Baldwin published in Flathead Beacon   President Barack Obama has to make a decision on whether to use Iran to fight ISIS. Some commentators have expressed that the U.S. military should not do this, arguing that Iran’s leader is a stately version of Osama Bin Laden. What should Obama do? When a nation engages in a war, it should use other nations (if it can) to win the war, even if that ally is a “lesser enemy” to destroy a “greater enemy.” However, there is another principle involved: when both decisions are equally bad, there is no moral obligation to take affir...
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