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Lesser-Evil Discussion

The Lesser Evil Principle: A Choice Inside and Outside the Political System

The Lesser Evil Principle: A Choice Inside and Outside the Political System I have shown that Natural Law creates the lesser evil principle (hereinafter “LEP”) and that the Founders, philosophers and statesmen of yesteryear applied it in politics. The LEP simply states, where a person must choose between an evil and a greater evil, he must choose the lesser. The way one applies this principle depends on the circumstances, which is a philosophical study of its own. In a political context, there are, generally speaking, two main circumstances where the LEP applies. The first is inside the system, and...
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Natural Law Creates Lesser Evil Principle

by Tim Baldwin I explained in Lesser-Evil Principle Shaped the Constitution how the Founders used the lesser evil principle to form the Constitution. This is hard for some to admit, but the Founders expressed and incorporated this principle plainly. There is no denying it. One who does is only fooling himself. So, these questions necessarily follow: Did the founders use an evil principle? If not, then you admit the lesser evil principle is not evil. If yes, then is our Constitution founded on a bed of evil? If it is, why are lesser-evil rejecters insisting that we “get back to the Constitution&r...
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Lesser-Evil Principle Shaped the Constitution

by Tim Baldwin The Founders used the lesser-evil principle (also called, greater good) to create the Constitution. The proof of their using this principle is undeniable. It is interwoven throughout the Constitutional Convention Debates and Federalist Papers—the two most relevant documents regarding the Constitution’s creation and ratification. People who reject this principle reject the Founders’ teaching (and as will be discussed in the next article, much more than that), while ironically claiming that they are trying to restore the Founders’ teachings. In reality, these people have...
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Pragmatism Formed America

by Tim Baldwin Some people think Pragmatism is bad and void of Principles. These people are wrong. In reality, principles are nothing without pragmatism, and pragmatism is a principle. People who reject pragmatism reject science and the source of principles. Moreover, they reject the philosophy that formed America. The philosophy of pragmatism developed notably during and since the Age of Reason—the philosophy that dominated America’s thinkers before and during its founding. But this philosophy disturbs mostly those who see the world through a purely religious lens. In other words, they believe ...
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Tea Party Battle: Pragmatists v. Purists

by Tim Baldwin Well-funded and nationally-recognized TEA Party political action committee, Tea Party Express, endorsed Congressman Steve Daines (MT-R) for U.S Senate of Montana. Tea Party Express stated in part, Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly announcing its endorsement of Congressman Steve Daines for the U.S. Senate. This is the organization’s second endorsement of the 2014 cycle. This endorsement displays a significant fact about the TEA Party movement. Namely, the TEA Party is composed of opposing forces, which are incompatible for a...
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TEA Party Now Playing Party Politics

by Tim Baldwin Some TEA Partiers now seem to understand they must accept the realities of using sound party tactics to implement their principles into public policy and law. recently reported their shift towards pragmatics,   America’s Tea Party movement is refining its electoral strategy to take a more pragmatic approach – a shift that could help it to better translate populist anger into conservative Senate seats. [Since 2010, the Tea Party] has tended to play a spoiler role for the Republican party in Congressional elections. Its staunchly conservative candidates have often ...
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Where Are Protest Voters Taking Us?

by Tim Baldwin The following is Tim's article published by the Flathead Beacon on 12/20/2013: The direction of our state and nation is at times determined by people who refuse to vote for the “lesser evil” candidate – effectively causing the majority to be ruled by the minority. Do these protest voters realize what they are doing? The Founders used the lesser-evil principle in politics. James Madison said, “cool and candid people will … reflect, that … choice must always be made, if not of the lesser evil, at least of the GREATER, not the PERFECT, good.”...
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The No-Lesser-Evil Advocates Are in a Pickle

by Tim Baldwin I have written before about the ethical flaws of the “no lesser of two evils” advocates (see here.) But the Article V debate is revealing a whole new level of contradiction and even hypocrisy in those who oppose Article V. I address that topic in this article (as well as making an important announcement at the end). As fate would have it, I began advocating using Article V (an amendment convention) to limit federal power just before I learned Mark Levin was releasing his block-buster book, The Liberty Amendments. The debate heated up quickly. On NewsWithViews alone, numerous autho...
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