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Rational Liberty

ISIS and Interpreting Holy Books

by Tim Baldwin published in Flathead Beacon, 02/25/15 Many people will reject truth that comes from their enemy. This was seen when many conservatives harshly criticized Obama for noting, at the National Prayer Breakfast, the oppressive acts committed centuries ago under Christianity. Perhaps their criticism came because they refuse to acknowledge what distorts religion, including Christianity. Many conservatives have turned the conflicts in the Middle East into a religious issue. They promote America’s fight against “ISIS” as a way to kill infidels. But Obama sees the terrorism as a dist...
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Vaccinations: Choice or Mandate?

by Tim Baldwin(published in Flathead Beacon, Opinion Section, 2/11/15)In Montana, approximately 35% of the parents have not vaccinated their children. Are they all ignorant or making informed decisions?The recent “measles outbreak” at Disney is noteworthy, because of those infected some were vaccinated for measles. Yet, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) said, “90% of the people close to that [infected] person who are not immune will also become infected.” So, what percentage of those vaccinated will be infected? Curiously, CDC states nothing about this. Too, look at China. Vaccinations ...
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Revolutionists, Not Constitutionalists

by Tim Baldwin I am convinced that most advocates of state nullification who oppose Article V (hereinafter referred to as “nullification purists”) are effectively revolutionists, not constitutionalists. An article that demonstrates my point is entitled Tool for Liberty: Nullifying for the Sake of Nullification, which was written by Tate Fegley and posted by the Tenth Amendment Center. In this article I will show how: (1) nullification purists do not promote real nullification but give only lip service to the idea; (2) nullification purists invoke Natural Law, not Constitutional law, as the...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 3

by Tim Baldwin Part 3 addresses A Conservative Vision of Government sections, The Founders and The State and Legitimate Object. The Founders and The State A Conservative Vision of Government states well the Founders’ differing political and constitutional views and shows how “self-described leaders of the Tea Party” create a version of the founding fathers that is myopic and incomplete. That is, it does not account for the diversity of ideas under the Republican umbrella. If the TEA Party would recognize that their version of politics, the constitution and government is not the only leg...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 2

by Tim Baldwin Part 2 addresses A Conservative Vision of Government sections, Introduction and The Anti-Government Party. Introduction The section introduces the common notion that government’s size and role have been “at center stage of our national politics”—an obvious observation—and then states its thesis: conservatives must do more than assert what government should not do; it should articulate what government should do. The article highlights what the TEA Party highlights: the harmful policies of the Obama administration—like, “$6 trillion in debt,&rdquo...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 1

by Tim Baldwin In politics, passion is a vice—especially according to the Founders and Enlightenment philosophers. Passion distorts reason and causes harmful factions to disregard the common good for the sake of particular interests and goals. For example, among the scores of times the Federalists warned about passion’s political dangers, the Federalist Papers said, [A] faction [is] a number of citizens…who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion…adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and  aggregate interests of the community. A zeal ...
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‘Constitution Free Zones’ or ‘Reasonable Searches and Seizures’?

by Tim Baldwin Some are decrying, as another supposed step to tyranny, a recent federal court ruling, Abidor v. Napolitano. This Court ruled that Customs did not need cause or suspicion to search and seize Abidor’s electronic devices (cell phone, laptop) when Abidor had travelled by train from Montreal to New York and arrived at America’s Customs and Border check point. (Abidor’s father tells the story here.) In short, Abidor tried to claim a First Amendment limitation on border patrol’s authority to search cell phones and laptops at the border, but the Abidor Court did not buy these ar...
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Pragmatism Formed America

by Tim Baldwin Some people think Pragmatism is bad and void of Principles. These people are wrong. In reality, principles are nothing without pragmatism, and pragmatism is a principle. People who reject pragmatism reject science and the source of principles. Moreover, they reject the philosophy that formed America. The philosophy of pragmatism developed notably during and since the Age of Reason—the philosophy that dominated America’s thinkers before and during its founding. But this philosophy disturbs mostly those who see the world through a purely religious lens. In other words, they believe ...
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