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Judicial Branch

Judge Roy Moore v. Gay Marriage

by Tim Baldwin The Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, has a reputation for standing firm on his beliefs—though some despise him for it. Years ago, he was removed by Alabama's executive branch from chief justice because he refused to remove the rather large Ten Commandments monument after a federal court ruled that it violated the “separation of church state." It was extremely controversial at the time. Ironically, in 2003, he ran for chief justice again and won. Now, Justice Moore is again defying a federal court ruling that struck down Alabama’s law that prevents the st...
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Prosecutor Cover Up

by Tim Baldwin Montana defense attorneys, Tim Baldwin and Phyllis and Jack Quatman, of the Quatman and Quatman, PC law firm in Flathead County, have revealed serious unethical and perhaps unlawful actions of prosecutors and Northwest Drug Task Force Agent in Flathead County, Montana and their attempt to cover it up. The seriousness of their actions caused these defense attorneys to request an investigation to the Montana Attorney General. To date, the Attorney General’s Office has not responded to this request. Click here to read the story.
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Revolutionists, Not Constitutionalists

by Tim Baldwin I am convinced that most advocates of state nullification who oppose Article V (hereinafter referred to as “nullification purists”) are effectively revolutionists, not constitutionalists. An article that demonstrates my point is entitled Tool for Liberty: Nullifying for the Sake of Nullification, which was written by Tate Fegley and posted by the Tenth Amendment Center. In this article I will show how: (1) nullification purists do not promote real nullification but give only lip service to the idea; (2) nullification purists invoke Natural Law, not Constitutional law, as the...
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Michigan Proves Article V is a Red, White and Blue Movement

by Tim Baldwin Michigan just passed an application to call an amendment convention under Article V of the Constitution for the explicit purpose of requiring a balanced federal budget.  The Washington Times reports, “Michigan lawmakers last week voted to demand a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.” This report highlights that this application may be the 34th application on the subject, thus triggering Congress’ duty to call a convention for that purpose.   However, some States have rescinded their balanced budget applications. Citing Prof. Rob Natelson as authorit...
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My Response to Unreasonable Article V Opponents

by Tim Baldwin Article V opponents, George Hudson and Paul Stramer, are actively opposing Article V. Below is an email George forwarded to me, which included Paul’s attack against Article V: NO CON-CON!!!! NOT NOW, NOT EVER. What makes anyone think that the lawless government goons will obey anything that comes out of this, when in fact they fly in the face of what we already have as a Constitution?  They are all criminals having broken their oath to the same, and they all belong in jail. Writing more words on a piece of paper isn't going to do it folks. They have Satan as thei...
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‘Constitution Free Zones’ or ‘Reasonable Searches and Seizures’?

by Tim Baldwin Some are decrying, as another supposed step to tyranny, a recent federal court ruling, Abidor v. Napolitano. This Court ruled that Customs did not need cause or suspicion to search and seize Abidor’s electronic devices (cell phone, laptop) when Abidor had travelled by train from Montreal to New York and arrived at America’s Customs and Border check point. (Abidor’s father tells the story here.) In short, Abidor tried to claim a First Amendment limitation on border patrol’s authority to search cell phones and laptops at the border, but the Abidor Court did not buy these ar...
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