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Legislative Branch

Matt Rosendale and The Truth About Shooting Drones

by Tim Baldwin Matt Rosendale (R), candidate for United States House of Representatives, quickly created a public image as a Tea Party conservative when he broadcasted a commercial where he shoots down a “government drone.” Looking at Rosendale’s state legislative record, however, evidence reveals that Rosendale really does not believe in “shooting drones” through legislation and did nothing to limit the use of drones in criminal prosecutions in Montana. In 2013, Rosendale sponsored Senate Bill 196 (which was passed and signed into law), and it supposedly qualifies the governme...
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Michigan Proves Article V is a Red, White and Blue Movement

by Tim Baldwin Michigan just passed an application to call an amendment convention under Article V of the Constitution for the explicit purpose of requiring a balanced federal budget.  The Washington Times reports, “Michigan lawmakers last week voted to demand a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.” This report highlights that this application may be the 34th application on the subject, thus triggering Congress’ duty to call a convention for that purpose.   However, some States have rescinded their balanced budget applications. Citing Prof. Rob Natelson as authorit...
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TeaParty.Org Promotes Article V Convention

by Tim Baldwin One of America’s largest Tea Party organizations,, recently promoted and celebrated Georgia’s passing an application for an amendment convention of the States under Article V of the Constitution. Citing the Newsmax article, sees Georgia’s application as a major act in limiting federal power. The Newsmax article observes that Georgia’s application “restricts the convention to topics of limiting the power of the federal government and establishing term limits for federal officials.” Clearly, Georgia does not want a runaway convention...
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Montana CI 114 Is Anti-Democratic

by Tim Baldwin In 2014, Montana may be able to vote on citizen initiative (CI) 114 if enough signatures are gathered to put on the ballot. CI 114 would amend Montana’s Constitution requiring that the State legislature be 50% men and 50% women. Democracy and Republics are about real choice, not forced choice. I oppose CI 114. There is nothing democratic about CI 114. It puts sex above qualifications. It degrades women, implying that without this law, they cannot compete against men for public office. It takes away the voters’ choice as to which candidates they believe will best represent them in ...
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