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My Response to Unreasonable Article V Opponents

by Tim Baldwin Article V opponents, George Hudson and Paul Stramer, are actively opposing Article V. Below is an email George forwarded to me, which included Paul’s attack against Article V: NO CON-CON!!!! NOT NOW, NOT EVER. What makes anyone think that the lawless government goons will obey anything that comes out of this, when in fact they fly in the face of what we already have as a Constitution?  They are all criminals having broken their oath to the same, and they all belong in jail. Writing more words on a piece of paper isn't going to do it folks. They have Satan as thei...
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Montana CI 114 Is Anti-Democratic

by Tim Baldwin In 2014, Montana may be able to vote on citizen initiative (CI) 114 if enough signatures are gathered to put on the ballot. CI 114 would amend Montana’s Constitution requiring that the State legislature be 50% men and 50% women. Democracy and Republics are about real choice, not forced choice. I oppose CI 114. There is nothing democratic about CI 114. It puts sex above qualifications. It degrades women, implying that without this law, they cannot compete against men for public office. It takes away the voters’ choice as to which candidates they believe will best represent them in ...
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Article V Opponents Choose Fear Over Hope

by Tim Baldwin I am happy to see the Article V movement increasing. It is the epitome of self-government and political will of the people of these States. Obviously, Article V opponents do not see it this way. They describe Article V almost in religious terms as being the demise of all that is holy. Article V opponents have a different vision of America’s future compared to those who see the necessity of using Article V. I am going to test Article V opponent’s philosophy, however, with this article and show that their opposition to Article V actually opposes their self-declared principles of Sta...
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Political Remedies: Get to the Point

by Tim Baldwin My latest article, The Lesser Evil Principle: A Choice Inside and Outside the Political System, discussed the two main areas of citizens’ actions to correct political direction. They are, inside and outside the system. I use four main points to support my conclusion that Americans should use the system, meaning ethical voting and amending the Constitution, to make right changes: A Republic inherently intends slow changes and prevents sudden changes (except amendments allow immediate change). America’s condition has not reached the extreme point of working outside the...
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The Lesser Evil Principle: A Choice Inside and Outside the Political System

The Lesser Evil Principle: A Choice Inside and Outside the Political System I have shown that Natural Law creates the lesser evil principle (hereinafter “LEP”) and that the Founders, philosophers and statesmen of yesteryear applied it in politics. The LEP simply states, where a person must choose between an evil and a greater evil, he must choose the lesser. The way one applies this principle depends on the circumstances, which is a philosophical study of its own. In a political context, there are, generally speaking, two main circumstances where the LEP applies. The first is inside the system, and...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 4

by Tim Baldwin Part 4 addresses A Conservative Vision of Government section, Law and Character. I will refer to A Conservative Vision of Government  as “the article,” not to be confused with the article I am writing, which I do not refer to herein as “the article.” The article contrasts the difference in philosophy between libertarians and Republicans and shows why all conservatives should work together to defeat the greater enemy destroying the basic principles of limited government. The article states the fact, but according to, this should make conservative blood...
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Natural Law Creates Lesser Evil Principle

by Tim Baldwin I explained in Lesser-Evil Principle Shaped the Constitution how the Founders used the lesser evil principle to form the Constitution. This is hard for some to admit, but the Founders expressed and incorporated this principle plainly. There is no denying it. One who does is only fooling himself. So, these questions necessarily follow: Did the founders use an evil principle? If not, then you admit the lesser evil principle is not evil. If yes, then is our Constitution founded on a bed of evil? If it is, why are lesser-evil rejecters insisting that we “get back to the Constitution&r...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 3

by Tim Baldwin Part 3 addresses A Conservative Vision of Government sections, The Founders and The State and Legitimate Object. The Founders and The State A Conservative Vision of Government states well the Founders’ differing political and constitutional views and shows how “self-described leaders of the Tea Party” create a version of the founding fathers that is myopic and incomplete. That is, it does not account for the diversity of ideas under the Republican umbrella. If the TEA Party would recognize that their version of politics, the constitution and government is not the only leg...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 2

by Tim Baldwin Part 2 addresses A Conservative Vision of Government sections, Introduction and The Anti-Government Party. Introduction The section introduces the common notion that government’s size and role have been “at center stage of our national politics”—an obvious observation—and then states its thesis: conservatives must do more than assert what government should not do; it should articulate what government should do. The article highlights what the TEA Party highlights: the harmful policies of the Obama administration—like, “$6 trillion in debt,&rdquo...
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Passion and Politics Don’t Mix, Part 1

by Tim Baldwin In politics, passion is a vice—especially according to the Founders and Enlightenment philosophers. Passion distorts reason and causes harmful factions to disregard the common good for the sake of particular interests and goals. For example, among the scores of times the Federalists warned about passion’s political dangers, the Federalist Papers said, [A] faction [is] a number of citizens…who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion…adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and  aggregate interests of the community. A zeal ...
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‘Constitution Free Zones’ or ‘Reasonable Searches and Seizures’?

by Tim Baldwin Some are decrying, as another supposed step to tyranny, a recent federal court ruling, Abidor v. Napolitano. This Court ruled that Customs did not need cause or suspicion to search and seize Abidor’s electronic devices (cell phone, laptop) when Abidor had travelled by train from Montreal to New York and arrived at America’s Customs and Border check point. (Abidor’s father tells the story here.) In short, Abidor tried to claim a First Amendment limitation on border patrol’s authority to search cell phones and laptops at the border, but the Abidor Court did not buy these ar...
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Lesser-Evil Principle Shaped the Constitution

by Tim Baldwin The Founders used the lesser-evil principle (also called, greater good) to create the Constitution. The proof of their using this principle is undeniable. It is interwoven throughout the Constitutional Convention Debates and Federalist Papers—the two most relevant documents regarding the Constitution’s creation and ratification. People who reject this principle reject the Founders’ teaching (and as will be discussed in the next article, much more than that), while ironically claiming that they are trying to restore the Founders’ teachings. In reality, these people have...
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Pragmatism Formed America

by Tim Baldwin Some people think Pragmatism is bad and void of Principles. These people are wrong. In reality, principles are nothing without pragmatism, and pragmatism is a principle. People who reject pragmatism reject science and the source of principles. Moreover, they reject the philosophy that formed America. The philosophy of pragmatism developed notably during and since the Age of Reason—the philosophy that dominated America’s thinkers before and during its founding. But this philosophy disturbs mostly those who see the world through a purely religious lens. In other words, they believe ...
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Tea Party Battle: Pragmatists v. Purists

by Tim Baldwin Well-funded and nationally-recognized TEA Party political action committee, Tea Party Express, endorsed Congressman Steve Daines (MT-R) for U.S Senate of Montana. Tea Party Express stated in part, Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly announcing its endorsement of Congressman Steve Daines for the U.S. Senate. This is the organization’s second endorsement of the 2014 cycle. This endorsement displays a significant fact about the TEA Party movement. Namely, the TEA Party is composed of opposing forces, which are incompatible for a...
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TEA Party Now Playing Party Politics

by Tim Baldwin Some TEA Partiers now seem to understand they must accept the realities of using sound party tactics to implement their principles into public policy and law. recently reported their shift towards pragmatics,   America’s Tea Party movement is refining its electoral strategy to take a more pragmatic approach – a shift that could help it to better translate populist anger into conservative Senate seats. [Since 2010, the Tea Party] has tended to play a spoiler role for the Republican party in Congressional elections. Its staunchly conservative candidates have often ...
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Karl Rove Predicts Republican Unity in 2014: Will TEA Partiers Help?

by Tim Baldwin Karl Rove released his 2014 forecast on his website. was not happy with Rove’s statement, but why? Rove said about 2014 elections, “Every Republican senator and virtually every representative challenged in a primary as insufficiently conservative will win. In reaction to ObamaCare, GOP political divisions are giving way to unity.” In response, said, Karl Rove, the voice of the Republican donor class, is predicting that tea party-backed primary candidates will lose nearly all their primary fights against business-backed GOP politicians during 2014&he...
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Political Change and Destination Are Not the Same

by Tim Baldwin Some political commentators, like David Brooks, are proposing that our Federal Republic take the form of a Monarchy. Brooks identifies logical reasons for instituting a Monarchy—reasons that were articulated hundreds of years ago by philosophers like Charles Montesquieu and John Locke. Still, this transition from a Republic to a Monarchy is a political destination Americans have tried to avoid. Moreover, the Founders provided a constitutional way to redirect what is perhaps an inevitable destiny for all Republics. But are the people willing to use that remedy? Republicans today should n...
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New Jersey’s ‘Dream Act’: Reality or Nightmare?

by Tim Baldwin Governor Chris Christie (NJ-R) signed into law a bill that is compared to the “Dream Act.” The New Jersey law “would allow unauthorized immigrants who graduated high school in New Jersey after attending for at least three years to be eligible for the lower in-state rates at public higher educational institutions, including in-county rates at community colleges” (source). However, the law will not allow them to receive state financial aid, as reported by NBC's Vaughn Hillyard. Some Republicans may oppose this law on the principle that no person in the United States ...
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Where Are Protest Voters Taking Us?

by Tim Baldwin The following is Tim's article published by the Flathead Beacon on 12/20/2013: The direction of our state and nation is at times determined by people who refuse to vote for the “lesser evil” candidate – effectively causing the majority to be ruled by the minority. Do these protest voters realize what they are doing? The Founders used the lesser-evil principle in politics. James Madison said, “cool and candid people will … reflect, that … choice must always be made, if not of the lesser evil, at least of the GREATER, not the PERFECT, good.”...
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Are TEA Party Leaders Selling Out or Gearing Up?

by Tim Baldwin In the midst of what some TEA Partiers perceive as “stonewalling” TEA Party leaders like Rand Paul and Mike Lee, evidence suggests that these men are more sensitive to building consensus in the Republican Party than simply fighting for all conservative principles at all cost. In a recent public statement, Harry Reid revealed what he perceived about Rand Paul in a long private conversation with Paul. Reid said about the TEA-Party-loved Senator, “I spent a lot of time with him and I’ve grown to really like him…Even though he has some set political views, he wants ...
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