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Senator Feinstein Fears the States, Not the U.S. Supreme Court

 by Tim Baldwin In a recent federal decision that ruled NSA’s metadata gathering unconstitutional, Senator Diane Feinstein (CA-D) shows that she doesn’t fear how the United States Supreme Court will apply the Fourth Amendment. She claims that the United States Supreme Court will “once and for all” establish that the federal government has the power to gather metadata of American citizens without need for judicial warrant. That Feinstein believes the Supreme Court decision will settle the issue “once and for all” demonstrates that she, in no way, believes the States will...
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Article V Opponents Deny Liberty To Posterity

by Tim Baldwin A recent federal court (ruling that the National Security Agency’s gathering private information without judicial warrant is unconstitutional) shows why Article V opponents to limit or redefine federal power are wrong and are more concerned about agenda than evidence. Article V opponents recite the usual reason for why amending the Constitution should be opposed. They say, “we should not amend the Constitution because they don’t follow the Constitution now!” This rationale mistakes many principles of politics and law, but—focusing on only one—it completely ...
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Republicanism Will Die If TEA Partiers Don’t Learn Tactics

by Tim Baldwin In, Joe Scarborough recently expressed the idea that differences of tactics should never divide people of the same political principles. TEA Partiers must learn this principle because the loss is too great when the greater enemy wins and Republican principles cannot withstand the ever-pressing weight of Socialism. Experience proves that Republicanism loses and Socialism wins every time conservatives go their separate ways and divide their strength. The TEA Party itself reveals the truth of this principle seeing that the TEA Party has not divorced itself from the Republican Pa...
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Glenn Beck Supports Amending the Constitution

by Tim Baldwin Glenn Beck openly endorsed using Article V of the Constitution to reign in federal power. He acknowledged that amending the Constitution is the “only way back [to the meaning of the Constitution].” Beck is one of many notable conservatives who are publicly supporting what Mark Levin busted wide open in his The Liberty Amendments, calling to amend the Constitution to control the federal government. The Amendment Convention movement is notably growing, and TEA Party purists cannot stop it. Many are now realizing that chanting, “all you have to do is follow the Constitution,&rd...
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TEA Party Purists Are Like Religious Cults

by Tim Baldwin Governor Mike Huckabee recently said, “in politics, when you have an all or nothing, now or never mindset, you’re going to get nothing and you’re going to get it forever.” Huckabee’s statement came in response to what some Tea Party purists are demanding that Republicans do in Congress in the face of impossible victories, knowing conservatives have little or no power to change political direction because of their lack of force in all branches of government. Huckabee explains a fundamental problem with TEA Party purists as it relates to accomplishing good for liberty...
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An Article V Interview With Rob Natelson

by Tim Baldwin On October 21, 2013, I had the privilege to host a seminar in Kalispell, MT for constitutional scholar, Rob Natelson, to speak about Article V of the Constitution. Mark Levin unleashed this topic from its seemingly dormant state with his new book, The Liberty Amendments. Before the seminar, I interviewed Rob about some core questions and issues that commonly arise on this subject. You can learn more about Rob Natelson and his work by going to his website.  I have also written numerous articles about Article V, which are posted here. (Thank you, Northwest Liberty News for videoing this inter...
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Liberty Requires the Best Choice, Not Any Choice

by Tim Baldwin Opponents to using an expressed remedy in the Constitution (Article V) to limit federal power have declared their preferred remedy for limiting federal power: state nullification. Notable among these opponents is The New American. In its October 7, 2013 edition, author Larry Greenley tries to rebut the use of Article V as presented by Mark Levin in The Liberty Amendments. He concludes, One of the constitutionalist strategies for reining in our out-of-control federal government is state nullification of unconstitutional federal laws. (“Levin’s Risky Proposal: A Constitutional Conve...
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My Radio Interview On Article V

Northwest Liberty News interviewed me on October 14, 2013 regarding Article V. I discuss general concerns of constitutional procedure and reasons why an amendment convention will not and cannot be a "runaway" convention allowing the Constitution to be opened to any and all amendments not called for by the States in their applications.  
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A Response to the Argument, "They Don't Follow the Constitution Anyway"

by Tim Baldwin The argument that “they don’t follow the Constitution now, so what makes us think they will follow an amendment” is unfounded and misstates how our constitutional system actually works. It fails to acknowledge what constitutionalism is all about and fails to consider how amendments would provide moral and political justification in the future for remedies needed in response to further government abuse. Words do have meaning, and meaning ultimately must come from the people. It is our duty to define and redefine as necessary. As I have written in The Fallacies of Anti-Article...
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The No-Lesser-Evil Advocates Are in a Pickle

by Tim Baldwin I have written before about the ethical flaws of the “no lesser of two evils” advocates (see here.) But the Article V debate is revealing a whole new level of contradiction and even hypocrisy in those who oppose Article V. I address that topic in this article (as well as making an important announcement at the end). As fate would have it, I began advocating using Article V (an amendment convention) to limit federal power just before I learned Mark Levin was releasing his block-buster book, The Liberty Amendments. The debate heated up quickly. On NewsWithViews alone, numerous autho...
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The Fallacies of Anti-Article V Advocates

by Tim Baldwin I am honored that Dr. Edwin Vieira took time to respond to my latest article, I Want a Real Liberty Movement. In his article, “Enforcement, Not Amendment, Is the Answer”, Dr. Vieira claims that using Article V to restore our federal republic is not what we should be pursuing. Among the regular writers on NewsWithViews who join him are JB Williams and Publius Huldah. However, they make some fundamental errors, as I explain below. Introduction The arguments used against Article V are simply these: Article V permits a “runaway” convention; and All we need to...
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I Want A Real Liberty Movement

by Tim Baldwin For most of my life, I have been saturated in what some people call the “liberty movement” (though when I was a child, that term was not really coined). I have observed and actively participated in politics with my dad, Chuck Baldwin, since I was a child (I am 34 now). So, I am no stranger to the “liberty movement” culture. Just as the Apostle Paul was familiar with the customs, practices and philosophy of the Roman Jews and had the authority to speak to them, I am as familiar with the “liberty movement.” I am sadly compelled to say, I am very disappointed in ...
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What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 7 (Constitutional Convention)

by Tim Baldwin   America’s Declaration of Independence declares, the people have a right “to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” Essential to this power is the people’s right to call a constitutional convention, where the people from various political societies send delegates to meet with other delegates for the purpose establishing a new constitution. As our history well shows, liberty can be restore...
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What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 6 (Constitutional Amendment)

by Tim Baldwin   The subject of this article is restoring liberty through the use of Article V in the Constitution—an amendment convention and ratification. Some scholars have concluded that there are already enough State applications to call an amendment convention,[1] so conservatives should get used to the idea being discussed candidly and intelligently. I will attempt to show how constitutional amendments can and are to be used to restore liberty when circumstances require. The Opposition to an Article V Convention Opponents claim that a constitutional amendment convention is, at the le...
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What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 5 (The Jury)

by Tim Baldwin   Some States are challenging long-standing law in most jurisdictions that rejects what is called jury nullification. Jury nullification is the power of the jury to determine that the law at issue in the trial is unconstitutional or unjust and thus unenforceable in that trial. New Hampshire is perhaps the model for this movement (source). Since New Hampshire enacted jury nullification into law, a jury has nullified the federal marijuana laws in a criminal case (source), showing that the law has had an impact in that State. In states like Colorado and Washington where the people have s...
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What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 4 (The States)

by Tim Baldwin This article addresses what the States can do to restore liberty in the United States of America through “active interposition.” Today’s Context It may be a foregone conclusion to some that the States can do anything to resist unconstitutional federal laws. In typical form, opponents of Federalism claim that the Civil War and time itself ridded any power of the States to interpose encroachments of the federal government. These people expand the effect of the Civil War beyond what even Abraham Lincoln admitted and the Constitution provided through the post-Civil-War ame...
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Comparing the Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 4

Tim Baldwin September 30, 2011   Interpreting and Applying the Constitution Hegel Philosophy Hegel’s philosophy on interpreting and applying the constitution of a State is perhaps the most tangible and evident as it relates to constitutional law and political direction in the United States. Hegel’s view of the constitution is similar to his view on the formation and purpose of the State as discussed in Part 3. As will be seen in this discussion, many politicians and office holders in the United States have, knowingly or not, adopted Hegel’s view of our federal and state constitut...
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Comparing the Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 8

Tim Baldwin November 2, 2011   War There are four states of mankind relative to political philosophy: nature,[1] society,[2] peace,[3] and war. The study of these states is crucial to the political scientists’ and concerned citizens’ understanding regarding individual and societal liberty. An abused concept of each state results in disaster--especially the state of war. Given the United States of America’s seemingly constant participation in various wars throughout the world, it behooves us to understand and compare war’s concept in light of Hegel’s and the Enlightenment...
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Comparing the Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 7

Tim Baldwin October 21, 2011   Religion and Church What is the role of religion and the church in government? This is undoubtedly a sensitive subject for many. In America, the “separation of church and state” idea, along with the 501(c)(3) corporate status has distorted most of the philosophy which shaped the formation of the United States. And regardless of whether Christians realize or admit it, Georg Hegel’s philosophy plays a much more significant role in how churches operate today than Enlightenment philosophy and even Scriptures. Enlightenment Philosophy The philosophi...
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Comparing the Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 6

Tim Baldwin October 21, 2011   The People’s Right of Revolution Before getting into the meat of the subject, we must understand the terms. “Revolution” is not “rebellion.” Revolution can be either peaceful or violent. Algernon Sidney discusses this in detail in his Discourses Concerning Government—a favorite of the founding fathers. A rebellion is where a people were once conquered by a foreign nation’s conquest against them; and then afterwards, the people rise up against the conquering nation. In short, Sidney describes it as renewed war.[1] Where a ...
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