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Comparing the Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 5

By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD. October 5, 2011   Republicanism and Democracy What is the source of political power and how it is executed? It is the question many people are asking today given the type of governance many are very dissatisfied with in the United States today. The answer to the question reveals much about how government treats citizens and how citizens respond to government; and how the constitution of the state is applied in society. Knowledge on the matter is crucial to the political student and observer of government and societal actions. Let us consider Enlightenment philosophy first, ...
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Comparing the Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 3

By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD. September 24, 2011   Formation and Purpose of the State Hegel Philosophy As discussed in Part 2 of this article series, the State is the objectivity of individual freedom, in Hegel’s view. The State’s power is absolute and supreme in all regards. This objectivity of individual freedom is simultaneously the purpose of the State, because as Hegel puts it, the individual’s destiny is fulfilled by being subject to the State. There is no defined “purpose” of the State as it relates to natural law, constitution, logic, or reason. Rather, to Hegel,...
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Comparing the Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 2

By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD. September 20, 2011   A. Individual Freedom and State Supremacy One of the most fundamental issues concerning the formation of society, government, and federations is the lines of individual freedom verses government power. For the States and United States, there are no two philosophical schools of thought more influential on this matter than the philosophies of the Enlightenment period and Georg Hegel. As shown in Part 1, the United States was emphatically founded on Enlightenment philosophy; but in the late 1800s, Hegel’s philosophy greatly influenced and controlle...
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Comparing the Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 1

By Tim Baldwin September 13, 2011   Most people do not relate politics to philosophy, but that is exactly what they should be doing if they care to know the roots of the fruit growing from the trees of society and government. If they did, more could be done to communicate effectively to both citizen and politician. History tends to prove that public awareness regarding political philosophy grows out of mere circumstances which force basic reaction instead of intellectual response. Fortunately, it appears the United States is due for an awakening of freedom as the philosophy leading us down the road of...
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What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 3 (Political Pressure)

by Tim Baldwin   The matter addressed here is the use of political pressure (i.e. parties) to help restore liberty. What is the source of political parties? As much as some citizens may disdain “party politics”, parties originate from human nature. James Madison described our nature to form political parties this way, The latent causes of faction are thus sown in the nature of man; and we see them everywhere... A zeal for different opinions concerning…government…have, in turn, divided mankind into parties… So strong is this propensity of mankind to fall into mu...
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What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 2 (Voting)

by Tim Baldwin The matter addressed here is that of voting for public officials whose office is obtained through suffrage. If one is to discover sound conclusions regarding how to vote, he must discover the ethics of voting and prudently apply the maxims. I will attempt to explain some of the key issues of ethical voting and show why conservatives must ally to defend the common cause of republican ideas. Do I have a duty to vote? Yes, and the answer may appear obvious (in an imperfect sense, meaning, law cannot force it), but it forms the premise for the other rules of ethics following. The ethical duty ...
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What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 1

by Tim Baldwin   President Obama made a statement in early June 2013 that permeates the attitudes of many politicians and shows why the federal government has become so large and effectively out of the people’s control. In response to a journalist’s question regarding the federal government’s using surveillance on United States citizens, Obama said, If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress and don’t trust federal judges to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we&rsquo...
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Diffusion of Responsibility and the Constitution Soaked in Urine

by Tim Baldwin, JD originally released January 23, 2012 "Diffusion of Responsibility” carries this definition: “a sociopsychological phenomenon whereby a person is less likely to take responsibility for an action or inaction when others are present.” This is not a new concept, of course. It was recognized and discussed by philosophers and students of human nature for thousands of years. It was used in discussing different forms of State and government to explain which is better under what circumstances, including the United States. Let us consider the phenomena of Diffusion of Responsib...
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To Keep or Not To Keep: Why This Book Is Needed

Who would have thought that we would live in a day in America where Christians would need to be convinced that self-defense is a right of man granted by God. Well, we have reached that unthinkable point because more and more, Christians view self-defense not as a right, but as a doctrine contradicting God’s Word. As an extension of the self-defense-rejection philosophy, some Christians support laws that even make the means of self-defense criminal. Americans saw this battle in full swing early this year when gun regulations were introduced with the purpose of essentially ridding Americans of the semi-aut...
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My Response to Tom DeWeese on Article V (Part 2)

by Tim Baldwin Read Part 1. The following are my responses to Tom’s Premises To Oppose Article V. Tom claims that the “original document [Constitution] has been basically put in a museum…and forgotten.” This is a common mischaracterization of constitutional jurisprudence, but it is not accurate and displays an elementary view of constitutional law. First, if you consider the Anti-Federalists’ views of the Constitution in 1787, the Constitution has been and is being applied the way it was intended; or at least, the way it’s natural progression permitted. So,...
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