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During the 2008 Presidential campaigns, both major political parties, Republican and Democrat, promised “change”. Every politician that ever runs for office promises some sort of “change”. However, America has received anything but change, because we have been consistently losing freedom for many years. Government is out of control, self-government is an “out-dated” idea, the States of the union seem to be virtually insignificant in matters that affect us most, and the people are disenchanted with a system that has proven to be broken.

To this, Timothy Baldwin says, we need FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE! FFACFreedom For A Change, captivates the notions and principles of Freedom as expressed and expounded upon by America’s founders and forefathers. With 13 chapters and well over 1,000 references and footnotes from sources used by America’s forefathers to institute freedom in society and government, Baldwin expounds those fundamental principles of freedom in an inspiring and intelligent application to our current political and cultural standing.

Our times require all freedom-loving Americans to educate, invigorate and activate the principles of freedom within the States of America for ourselves and our posterity and to once again demand FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE!