Socialist Francis Bellamy authored the “pledge of allegiance” (to the flag) that most Americans have heard and repeated most of their lives, thinking themselves doing a good thing. It has become, over the years, a symbol of American patriotism. What most people do not think about, however, when repeating those words is whether this supposed “sign of patriotism” actually comports to the constitution of the United States of America, which is supposed to be the supreme law of the land.

History shows, Bellamy wrote this  ”pledge of allegiance” to reflect a political ideology–an ideology that many in the founding generation considered reprehensible–an ideology that in fact conflicts with the constitution in its original design.  In short, Bellamy wrote the pledge in attempts to (re)define the constitution of the United States of America as ONE STATE; that is, one nation/body-politic without regard to the original and retained sovereignty of the States. Bellamy admitted this about the pledge he authored, saying,

The true reason for allegiance to the Flag…is the concise political word…One Nation which the Civil War was fought to prove. To make that One Nation idea clear, we must specify that it is indivisible.”

Unfortunately, the political ideology of this “pledge of allegiance” does not comport to the true nature and character of the constitution. The constitution of the United States is not “one nation”. It is one federation, composed of States which possess original political sovereignty and which never surrendered the vastness of their power to govern themselves according to their state constitutions. In part, it is the ideology perpetuated in the “pledge of allegiance” that has turned the framework of the constitution to be flipped on its head.

Any attempt to destroy the States in this regard is an assault on the constitution–the supreme law of the land. Any pledge misstating the truth regarding the constitution of the United States of America should not be regarded as a pledge of patriotism, regardless of what perception has been attributed to it for a period of time. Rather, it should be, at the least, countered with a correct pledge of allegiance that more closely reflects the political ideology upon which the constitution was formed.

To this effect, I have authored my own pledge of allegiance. Having arduously studied political science, America’s history, constitutional law and the purpose of the constitution, I could not bring myself anymore to recite the “pledge of allegiance” as authored by the socialist, Francis Bellamy. I needed a pledge I could be proud to recite without defying my conscience and knowledge of the truth. My desire to honor my forefathers, my freedom, my constitution and my State compelled me to author my own pledge. I invite everyone to join me in reciting what I call, the PATRIOT’S PLEDGE: